Why I Give: 2017

Gift to Honor Unforgettable Care

Christine Trent spent hundreds of hours with her mother, Georgia Carpenter, in Cancer Care & Infusion Services (CCIS). Georgia had an unknown blood disorder and received more than 600 blood transfusions between 2011 and 2015. Because of the care her mother received, Christine Trent and her husband, Jonathan, decided to set up a major donation to CCIS as a planned gift in their will. “I want to honor the nurses at CCIS who gave so selflessly of themselves to my mother,” said Christine. “Those nurses treated my mother as if she was their mother, and she loved them right back.” 

The Trents have made other donations to the center — a blanket warmer, a snack cart and a new wheelchair, and Christine routinely drops off snacks for patients, but she said they wanted to do more. “My husband and I were revisiting our wills and we wanted to ensure we were doing considerable charitable giving in our estate,” she said, “and the hospital was at the top of the list. I will just never forget how much they did for us as a family.”

Grateful Patient Donates Quilt

With their sincerest thanks, a Mechanicsville couple was very gracious to show us how much they appreciated the care they received from Arthur Flatau III, MD. As a symbol of their appreciation for his outstanding care of their son, who suffered acute appendicitis, the family donated to the hospital a handcrafted Amish quilt. The gifted queen-sized quilt with a sunshine and shadow pattern, is displayed for sale in the hospital’s gift shop. Proceeds from the sale of the quilt went toward enhancements or new medical equipment for Dr. Flatau’s work.