Patient with MedStar St. Mary’s therapist.

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To schedule an appointment, please obtain a physician’s order and call 301-475-6062.
The physician may also fax the order to 301-997-6502.

Physical Therapists

Use various techniques to improve function, progress mobility, restore strength, and prevent disability. We offer body weight assisted treadmill training with the Lite Gait, which helps patients relearn basic walking skills while improving strength, flexibility, and endurance without fear of losing balance or falling.

Occupational Therapists

Help patients improve upper body function and improve ability to perform skills required for daily living. Therapists focus on improving ability to function without assistance at home and work.

Speech-language Pathologists

Assist patients by addressing deficits with speech, language, cognitive-communication, and swallowing. After experiencing a stroke, therapists commonly address a condition called aphasia: a loss of ability to understand or express speech. Our therapists are able to assist with communication through therapy services and augmentive/alternative communication (AAC) devices.

Outpatient therapy services typically occur after an inpatient hospitalization, but patients can benefit from therapy services at any time during their recovery. Our team works with the patient to develop an individualized plan to help the patient function at their highest level.