CT or Computed Axial Tomography, sometimes called a CAT scan, is a painless medical test that helps doctors diagnose and treat medical conditions. CT imaging uses special X-ray equipment to produce multiple images or pictures of the inside of the body. A computer takes these pictures and joins them together to create cross-sectional views of the area being studied. CT scans of organs, bone, soft tissue, and blood vessels provide greater clarity when compared to an X-ray exam. The result is a very detailed view of the body.

Some of the types of scanners we use include:

  • Siemens SOMATOM Sensation Multislice CT System: This system is designed for maximum patient comfort and convenience while offering physicians a uniquely clear and comprehensive image in three dimensions of any organ. It provides an in-depth and enhanced view for further exploration into organs that have suspected abnormalities.
  • 16 Slice System: This system offers an accurate and comprehensive assessment of any organ with a quick and easy patient throughput.
  • 10 Slice System: This highly advanced system offers the most comprehensive imaging of any organ, including a specialized lung package for complete visualization of lung nodules and a computed tomographic angiography package for vascular analysis, mapping, stenosis, and stent placement. Images are transmitted directly into a central radiology reading station, allowing physicians to quickly review the study and offer a prompt diagnosis.