Board of Directors

The Board of Directors at MedStar St. Mary's Hospital is a volunteer body dedicated to fulfilling the mission, vision, and values of the hospital. The board consists of community members, MedStar Health leaders, and representation from our Medical Staff and Foundation.

Our board members have experience on other boards or public committees, many related to the healthcare industry. The board members also have extensive professional and business achievements, and leadership skills. Their objectivity, commitment of time and dedication to the community all play an important role in the success of the Board of Directors and the hospital as a whole.

In fact, over the past several years, the board has guided the hospital toward several important goals. Due to the guidance of the board, the hospital has expanded the array of medical specialties on staff and directed the hospital toward the acquisition of many cutting-edge technologies, such as our fully integrated electronic medical record system. In the fall of 2009, the board also decided to join MedStar Health, the mid-Atlantic region's largest healthcare system. The partnership with MedStar creates additional possibilities for expanding services, advancing technologies, and recruiting and retaining quality physicians.

Why I Give: MedStar St. Mary’s Hospital Board of Directors

Hospital Board of Directors Member Avani D. Shah, MD, has been on the MedStar St. Mary’s Hospital Board of Directors since 2011. Dr. Shah has been practicing internal medicine since 1995. She served as the Chief of Medical Staff at MedStar St. Mary’s Hospital from 2011 to 2014.

“I became involved with the board when I was Chief of Staff and was asked to stay on the board for another year. Board members are from different disciplines and can make contributions to help resolve and give input on hospital issues. Since we have joined MedStar Health, there have been a lot changes and the board helps keep everyone updated with everything that is happening.  When my husband became sick and was hospitalized last year, I got to see health care and the hospital from the other side of the fence – not as a physician, but as a patient’s wife. The wonderful care he received from the hospital and the staff helped him heal quickly. I have been attached to the hospital for the last 20 years and have taken care of patients days, nights, over the weekends, holidays and during inclement weather – and it has always delighted me. But family members being taken care of in this hospital made me feel that I owed the hospital, which inspired me to contribute to a good cause, the St. Mary’s Hospital Foundation, which certainly was gratifying.”

- Avani Shah, MD (pictured fifth from the right with members of the Board of Directors)


MedStar St. Mary's Hospital Board of Directors:

  • Barbara Thompson, Chair
  • Jane H. Sypher, Vice Chair
  • R. Timothy Storch, Treasurer
  • Jennifer Blake Meyer, Chair, St. Mary's Hospital Foundation
  • Christina L. Broom Via
  • Anna Choi, MD
  • Joy Drass, MD, Executive Vice President, MedStar Health, Washington Region
  • Mary Leigh Harless
  • Tracy Harris, PhD
  • John Harvey, MD
  • Krishna P. Jayaraman, MD
  • Conor F. Lundergan, MD, Medical Chief of Staff, MedStar St. Mary’s Hospital
  • Kenneth A. Samet, President and CEO, MedStar Health
  • Stephen Schmeiser
  • Avani Shah, MD 
  • Christine R. Wray, President, MedStar St. Mary's Hospital
  • Karen Garner
  • Micheline Lopez-Estrada
  • Rick Tepel
  • Krista Wall
  • Vince Whittles