Stories of Then & Now

As part of our hospital's 100-year anniversary, we looked at Then and Now by highlighting an associate who has been a valuable part of history in each issue of our associate newsletter, The Pulse.

Nicki Strickland

Nicki Strickland, January 2012

A 15-year veteran, you'll find Nicki at a computer in the Marketing & PR Department, creating her vision for a host of marketing materials from in-house flyers to newspaper advertisements, and from annual reports and high-end Gala invitations to publications, including the nationally award-winning Healthy Living. Read more of her story.

Elmer Jordan

Elmer Jordan, February 2012

Elmer has been a housekeeper in Environmental Services since 1990. He's known throughout the hospital for his kind personality and the pride he takes in his job. Read more of his story.

Maggie Pruitt

Margaret Ann Pruitt (Maggie), March 2012

Maggie has worked as a registered nurse first assistant in Perioperative Services for nearly 40 years. The only time Maggie has been away from the hospital was following the birth of her daughter, Jennifer, in 1977. Read more of her story.

Rose Nelson

Rose Nelson, April 2012

With one click on the keyboard, Rose Nelson answers nearly 500 calls on a busy day as one of the hospital's communication operators. Before she was one of the voices behind the overhead announcements, Rose was a nursing assistant for 23 years. Read more of her story.

Eldonna Schrader

Eldonna Schrader, May 2012

Eldonna first came to work 31 years ago in the Imaging Department at the old St. Mary's Hospital. She's seen a lot of changes during her tenure. Read more of her story.

Don Sirk

Donald Sirk, June 2012

When Donald Sirk came to work at St. Mary's Hospital in 1983, his desk was made out of a piece of plywood with 2 x 4s as legs. Today, he's the director of the hospital's information technology department. Read more of his story.

Rose Friess

Rose Friess, July 2012

Known as "Mama Rose," Rose Friess has been brightening the hallways at St. Mary's Hospital with her contagious smile for 44 years. She's seen a lot of changes during her tenure and made many memories while working in every department at St. Mary's, except for OB, but her most treasured memory is saving a baby's life. Read more of her story.

Laura Drury

Laura Drury, August 2012

Laura Drury started nursing in the days when it was traditional to wear a white dress, hose and starched cap. Being an RN wasn't her plan. She intended to teach American history. Read more of her story.

Gail Thompson

Gail Thompson, September 2012

Just weeks before her initial interview for a patient care assistant position at the hospital, Gail broke her ankle. Now working at the hospital more than 20 years, Gail can be found greeting patients in the Emergency Department. Read more of her story.

Joy Corpus

Joy Corpus, October 2012

Both Joy Corpus and St. Mary's Hospital Laboratory have made noticeable changes in the past 23 years. She started at the Laboratory by working a 12-hour shift staffed by herself and a phlebotomist. Read more of her story.

Tim Abell

Tim Abell, November 2012

Tim Abell started as a weekend security guard in January 1984. At the time, only one security guard worked weekdays from 8 p.m. to 4 a.m. After spending 14 years in security, Tim relocated to Maintenance in 1998. Read more of his story.

Katy Crowell

Katy Crowell, December 2012

Shortly after the Navy brought Katy Crowell and her husband to St. Mary's County, Katy interviewed for a secretarial position with Hospice of St. Mary's in 1995. She's worked for the organization ever since and now serves as volunteer coordinator. Read more of her story.