Essay Winners

Travis Guy

6th Grade Essay Contest Winner
Margaret Brent Middle School

Have you ever been grateful for places that do amazing things? Well you should and you should think of the St. Mary’s Hospital. They have been helping people for 100 years! The hospital has done so much for my family and they probably have done a lot for your family too. This is why I appreciate what they do. The St. Mary’s Hospital has done so much for me recently. I have a new baby cousin. She is two months old now. They hospital staff helped my aunt and uncle have a miracle. She was born on my oldest brother’s birthday. Almost all of my family was born at St. Mary’s Hospital. My grandmother was there recently and she was in intensive care. They did so much for her. The St. Mary’s Hospital is so nice to everyone and especially nice to their patients. My grandmother had a blood clot in her lungs and she is completely fine. One thing that I like about St. Mary’s Hospital is its location. It is almost in the middle of the county and easy to get there. This way if someone has to be in the hospital you can visit them more, it is convenient so you don’t have to travel a long way, so you can stay longer and visit more often. Also, if there ever is a real emergency and you need to get to the hospital it doesn’t take long to get there to get treatment. This has happened to me and my family more than once. We have had to go to the emergency room for broken bones and cuts that needed stitches. St. Mary’s Hospital is an important part of our county. It treats patients, teaches the community about healthy behavior and provides jobs. There are a lot of people that work at the hospital and all the workers have an important role in making it a good place. There are also volunteers from all over the community to help at the hospital. The St. Mary’s Hospital has changed when the healthcare needs of the county changed and it provides a high quality of medical care. Over the years the hospital has grown and added many needed services for the community. St. Mary’s Hospital has been around for one hundred years. Just think, way back, to the year of 1912, when it all began with seven men wanting to help people and they created a place of care and comfort. Today, St. Mary’s Hospital provides care and comfort for over 50,000 patients a year. I am so thankful that the people of Leonardtown and the surrounding area came together to build the first community hospital. St. Mary’s County is a good place to live and one thing that makes it good is St. Mary’s Hospital.

Bailey Protzman

7th Grade Essay Contest Winner
Leonardtown Middle School

What does MedStar St. Mary’s Hospital mean to me? It means being able to spend time with my grandma. Without St. Mary’s Hospital, she may not have survived the heart attack she had last year. A hospital is vital to any community. In emergency situations, like my grandma’s, a local hospital can be the difference between life and death. There are many life threatening situations in which time is critical, and a patient may not survive a long drive to receive medical treatment. St. Mary’s Hospital is located centrally in St. Mary’s County and has an emergency department capable of handling life threatening emergencies, as well as other less urgent medical issues 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Emergency care is an important function of the hospital, but it is only one of the many services St. Mary’s Hospital provides to the community. St. Mary’s Hospital is where many doctors refer patients for tests, including blood work and x-rays. When I broke my arm last summer, I got an x-ray at St. Mary’s Hospital. It wasn’t the news I wanted to hear, but the staff was awesome and got the results to my doctor quickly, allow me to begin the healing process right away. And to be honest, the bright pink cast I got later that day was pretty cool! St. Mary’s Hospital also provides specialized care for cancer patients, a surgical center, a cardiac rehabilitation center, and a birthing center. St. Mary’s Hospital is where I was born. My Mom and I were luckt to have St. Mary’s Hospital so close to us. When she was pregnant with me, she was very sick with high blood pressure and was admitted to the hospital several times to that the doctors could monitor us. When I was delivered a month early, the doctors and nurses at the hospital made sure my mom and I came through the birth safe and healthy. If my mom had to drive to a hospital far away, she might not have gotten all the care she needed throughout her pregnancy, and things may have turned out differently for us. In addition to medical services, St. Mary’s Hospital offers community outreach and education through its Health Connections branch. Health Connections offers a variety of classes to the community, including parenting, babysitting, and CPR classes. It also helps our community by setting up mobile stations in local parking lots across the county, to provide low cost screenings and information to anyone interested. This is particularly helpful to people who may not receive regular medical care, for either financial reasons or because they can’t get to the hospital on their own. Helping more than 100,000 patients a year, MedStar St. Mary’s Hospital is essential to our community. St. Mary’s Hospital saves lives, heals people, and educates our community. This is why the hospital means so much to me.

Carly Bowes

8th Grade Essay Contest Winner
Little Flower School

When asked what St. Mary’s Hospital means to me, so many things come to mind. St. Mary’s Hospital is a top notch facility for people to come to in time of emergencies and medical needs. It offers care to all people in all situations. St. Mary’s Hospital offers so many things for so many people. In my family, if offers tow job opportunities. My grandmother has worked in St. Mary’s Hospital for thirty-one years. She has worked in the lab for most of her career at the hospital. My sister, a senior in High School, also currently has a job at St. Mary’s Hospital. She is a CNA intern. St. Mary’s Hospital supports her in her education, and her future career in the medical field. She works hands on, experiencing different E.R. situations, learning new thing every day. While having the opportunity to work with other professionals and to be able to be a part of their team, my sister has learned many great things for which she is most grateful. Not only is St. Mary’s Hospital a job source for my family, but it is also a care facility for which we entrust our medical needs. St. Mary’s Hospital is a great testing facility, being a central location for the citizens of St. Mary’s County. This allows easy access for our medical needs, while other hospitals are many miles away. St. Mary’s Hospital accepts all people, no matter what their medical situation may be. St. Mary’s Hospital also has the capability to transfer patients to specialty centers if deemed necessary. People come in to St. Mary’s Hospital for many different reasons, some being intermediate medical attention and emergency medical situations. It is a great place to take those loved ones who may be sick or injured. St. Mary’s Hospital is not only a place for sadness, sickness, and injuries, but also a joyful place. St. May’s has a wonderful birthing facility. I, myself was born at St. Mary’s Hospital, and when celebrating my birthday on January 17th, I always remember that St. Mary’s Hospital was my place of birth, as well as my entire family’s place of birth. St. Mary’s Hospital is a place for medical attention that offers love, support, hope, and advanced care for families in times of medical needs. It is our county’s hospital for primary care and to ensure our community’s health. With great service and support for one hundred years, St. Mary’s Hospital should celebrate with great pride a well-deserved achievement, and to continue to serve others for many more years to come. Happy Birthday St. Mary’s Hospital!