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About the Contest

Why do you think MedStar St. Mary's Hospital is an important part of St. Mary's County? What does it mean to you or your family to have the hospital here? These were the topics students wrote about in their Centennial Essay Contest entries. The essay contest was for Middle School students, with one winner being selected from each grade. Entries came from public and private schools countywide. Each winner received a certificate and $200 cash.

The Centennial Art Contest had fourth and fifth graders illustrate who or what their healthcare heroes are. One winner from each grade received a certificate and $100 cash.

The students didn't know they won the contest until representatives from the hospital showed up at their classroom to present the gift. Although students were surprised, arrangements were made in advance with the schools and with the students' family so parents could be present at the announcement. Classmates joined in the celebration and were quick to cheer on and congratulate their winning student.

Tyler Brown
4th Grade Art Contest Winner
Evergreen Elementary School

"My Health Care Hero is not just one person, but a combination of heroes. Doctors help by curing people so they can get well. The helicopter pilots help injured people get to the hospital very fast. The Health Connections bus goes to schools to teach kids to make health choices."

Elizabeth McCartney
5th Grade Art Contest Winner
The Kings Christian Academy

"My 'Health Care Hero' is named Ruby. Ruby is a Golden Retriever and a diabetic alert dog (DAD) that was trained to recognize and alert when my blood sugar levels go low and even when they are too high. I was diagnosed with Type-1 Diabetes when I was four years old. It is hard sometimes because I don't always know when I am going low. It is the hardest at night time when I am sleeping. There have been times that I was so low that I had seizures; this makes me sick for two or three days with had headaches. Ruby doesn't let me get that low, she can smell my body chemistry change. She will lick my face and then wake my parents up. She is a real hero."

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